Stroller Travel Systems : Top 10 Readers’ Choice

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Stroller Travel Systems – what our readers think

We recently asked our readers what Stroller Travel Systems they have purchased (recently and in the past), to rate their stroller travel systems and to give us their opinions on what are the pros and the cons of their baby stroller systems. Baby Trend, Chicco, Cosco, Eddie Bauer, Evenflo, Graco, McLaren, Orbit, Safety 1st, The First Years were some of the tested brands. While Graco seemed to be the most popular brand and stroller travel system overall, Chicco took first place this year with a nearly perfect score for its Coventry system. So here’s the top 10 list of stroller travel systems and find below why they were rated so well by parents.

Top 10 Stroller Travel Systems

1. Chicco Cortina Stroller Travel Systems Keyfit 22 CHICCO Cortina Travel System Keyfit 22 BEST OVERALL

2. Graco Quattro Tour Travel System with Snugride30, Carlise Graco Quattro Tour Travel System with Snugride30, Carlise

3. Evenflo Aura Select Stroller Travel System EVENFLO Aura Select Travel System BEST FOR SMALL BUDGETS

4. Graco Quattro Tour Travel System with SnugRide Car Seat Marlowe 2009 Graco Quattro Tour Sport Travel System BEST SPORT STROLLER TRAVEL SYSTEM

5. Safety 1st Acella Sport Travel System Baby Trend Expedition Travel System

6. Eddie Bauer® Adventurer Travel System EDDIE BAUER® Adventurer Travel System

7. Graco Spree Travel System, Barcelona Bluegrass Graco Spree Travel System, Barcelona Bluegrass

8. Chicco Cortina Keyfit 30 Travel system CHICCO Cortina Keyfit 30 Travel system

9. Graco Passage Travel System GRACO Passage Travel System

10. Safety 1st Aerolite Sports Travel System, Eiffel Rose Safety 1st Aerolite Sports Travel System, Eiffel Rose

Safety of the car seat and ease of use of both the car seat and the stroller travel system were essential for stroller travel systems to receive a good score.

Chicco Cortina Coventry Stroller Travel System – Simply the best

This year, the bestselling stroller travel system Chicco Cortina Travel System Keyfit 22 – Coventry was voted #1 by many happy parents. Parents said it, the Chicco Cortina Travel System Keyfit 22 – Coventry is the best combo car seat/stroller available on the market. First, the sturdiness and safety of the car seat were highly appreciated. Then,  parents emphasized on how easy is it to collapse the stroller and to re-stand it, even for smaller women. Also, the stroller is easy to maneuver, even with one hand. Then, comes the plus : all the clothes are removable and can be washed, infant support items included, a positionable push arm bar for short or tall people and easy to put together. Some parents mentioned that they were first put off by the price at first but, in the end, they all agreed : Long story short- Pay the extra dollars, it’s a purchase you will not regret!

Graco Quattro – The “Cadillac” of the stroller travel systems

The Graco Quattro Tour Deluxe Travel System is another bestseller, and, in our opinion, just as great at the Coventry system from Chicco and comes at a similar price. Some parents even called it the “Cadillac” of the stroller systems… A appellation that says a lot! Again, the Graco Quattro Tour Deluxe System has a sturdy and safe car seat and the stroller is easy to use. The colors and the suede-like fabric seemed to be a winning point for many parents when they compared strollers of similar great quality. The Quattro also features a rotating canopy that allows parents to shield their baby from the sun coming from any angle. Moreover, a large basket for more storage space and a cup made mom and dad very happy. The Graco Quattro Tour Deluxe Travel System is a great car seat and stroller duo that both your and baby will adore.

Evenflo Aura Select – Great product at an affordable price

In third position, we find the Evenflo Aura Select Travel System, which was rated a good stroller system overall, and was a favorite of many parents with a smaller budget. The Evenflo Aura Select Stroller Travel System comes in three great colors and many parents simply fell in love with the cuteness of the product. Parents were pleased with the sturdiness of the car seat, but some mentioned they found the car seat bulky and difficult to fit in a small car. It is worth mentioning that Evenflo makes very affordable products. Some parents may not find them to be as soft as the more expensive products, but will do the job very well and will keep your baby safe!

The Safety 1st Acella Sport Stroller Travel System

needs an honorable mention as the favorite sport travel system. There are several great sport strollers, but few good sport stroller travel systems. These stroller travel systems have an overall great sport stroller and features an excellent and safe car seat. The stroller has a three-wheel set up (actually a four-wheel as it actually has a dual front wheel for more stability), making it easy to push and maneuver. The stroller is lightweight and easy to control, even on gravel.

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For a wider variety of stroller travel systems, strollers and car seats, make sure to check our other products on Stroller Travel Systems.

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Purchasing A Stroller Travel System

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The ABC of choosing a Stroller Travel System

To view our selection of best baby stroller systems, read reviews or purchase a stroller travel system:


Shopping for a baby is not an easy task, especially for new parents! A stroller travel system is the number one choice of most new parents. By buying a Stroller Travel System, parents can first coordinate the colors/shapes/material/pattern of their new stroller and baby car seat without paying too much. However, just like any other baby furniture or toy, it is important to choose the right Stroller Travel System and this, for many reasons. First, parents are sometimes too hasty and then regret their choice because their new baby stroller travel system takes up too much storage space, doesn’t have any room to put some groceries when running the errands or because the car seat is too difficult to use. So, as a parent, it is important that you do your homework into choosing the right Stroller Travel System that will suit you lifestyle. Find out here what you need to know before making your final decision.

Things to look for in a stroller travel system

Because there are two elements to a stroller travel system, let’s review them separately.

The baby car seat – an essential element

The stroller represent a convenience, when shopping or walking around, but the baby car seat is an essential element of the Stroller Travel System for you baby’s safety in the car. Accidents, even very small impacts can cause injuries to your baby if they are not properly seated. This is why when you are deciding on your baby travel system, it is important to check the baby car seat first. Your choice of a safe car seat will reduce the chance of injuries on your baby in case of accident. A five point harness is usually the best protection. Do not stop there, read reviews and find out what other parents have to say about the model you like: how easy are they to use, do they have any complaints about it? Our pre-selection of Stroller Travel System represent the best rated ones among parents around the world.

The stroller

Have you ever took the bus and seen one of those mom with a stroller so bulky that she could barely fit it the bus? This is why you need to do your research here too. A stroller can also be a hassle if you pick the wrong one. First, answer that question: what type of person are you, i.e. what is your lifestyle, what type of house do you live in, do you take the bus, do you like long walks? You will discover that for each person their stroller. Hence, strollers come in several shapes and several sizes (and colors too!), so if you find one that suit your lifestyle, you will have made your future life as a mom or dad much easier. So think about the size of the stroller you want to get(storage space, taking the bus), three wheels stroller or regular stroller (three wheels usually best for joggers but also much bulkier) or double stroller (two young children or twins).

Buying separately?

Yes, sometimes you won’t find your perfect Stroller Travel System, for example, you want the lightweight aluminum frame stroller but dislike the car seat that goes with it. In that case, simply look for your stroller and your car seat separately. You will need to buy them separately. However, remember that the car seat from one brand may not snap with the stroller from another brand. But anyway, you may not want to use the Stroller Travel System this way.

If you are considering buying you baby travel system pieces separately, check out our strollers and car seats selection.

Other Stroller Travel Systems options

Already have a baby car seat or looking something more compact? Why not try the universal strollers frames. Those special strollers allow you to can snap your baby car seat to it! Plus, they are usually fairly inexpensive!

Reusing your sister’s Stroller Travel System?

Usually, not recommended. At least for the car seat part. Do not re-use a car seat that dates from over 5 years, as they may not respect newer safety regulations. If you are certain the car seat wasn’t involved in an accident, then also, do a quick check-up on the internet to find out that there were no defects, or simply call the company. The stroller can usually can safely be used as long as they meet safety standards, but also do a quick internet research to make sure there were products recall on your stroller.

In the end, any Stroller Travel System is a good one as long as they meet safety standards and suits your lifestyle. Have a pleasant shopping!

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Find your perfect Stroller Travel System here.

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