Stroller travel system: car seats safety standards

When deciding on your stroller travel system , car seat are a priority.

Is the a car seat of a stroller travel system safe?

In the U.S., Canada and the EU car seats (bought or not from a stroller travel system) have to pass a regulated crash test in order to be approved. Therefore all car seats the same safety level. However, because some models have features that make them easy to install (such as locking clips that are built in or straps that do not twist), they can be a lot more appealing to many parents, and can sometimes add more safety, especially for new parents. Nevertheless, the purchase of a stroller travel system that comes with more built-in car seats features is not essential. Cheaper car seats that have none of those features are equally safe, they key point being to install them properly.

Use the following criteria to find what your best stroller travel system car seat is.

The car seat of the stroller travel system has to fit baby

Any car seat from any stroller travel system isn’t good enough. Car seat has to be chosen in function of

1) the size of the kid

2) the kid’s age.

Because some children are of smaller stature than others and will fit better in smaller car seats while some younger toddlers can outgrow their car seat faster than the average child. The read-facing only car seats (installed in opposite direction to the traffic) suits babies up to 20 lbs. The convertible car seats are installed facing the opposite direction to the traffic until baby is about one year old, weighs about 20 lbs and can stand on his own. After that, the convertible car seat can be installed facing forward until the weight limit given by the manufacturer (read the box!). Height wise, when the car seat is installed opposite direction to the traffic (rear-facing) the head of the baby should not be less than 1 inch below the top of the baby car seat. When the car seat is installed the other way, facing the front seats, the top of the baby’s ears should be below the top of the baby car seat.

The car seat has to be easy to use

Tip : always read the installation manual that comes with the stroller travel system and the car seat. Even the fanciest car seat with the most high-end features is not safe until you’ve thoroughly read the stroller travel system and car seat manual provided by the manufacturer. To be safe, you have to properly install learn how to install it as different car seat models come with differences, so to make sure that you are installing it properly, read the manual. Make sure to also adjust the harness to secure baby in the car seat after purchasing it. Never try to install a car seat with a user’s manual from another model. Read our parents review to find out what they think about the stroller travel system and their car seats.

The car seat has to fit your car

Alas, not all car seats will fit in every vehicle. In order to be called “fit”, the car seat has to be tightly installed, at proper 45 degrees angle, and not shuffle side to side more than one inch when shaken. Again, simply read parents reviews about stroller travel systems and their car seats to help you decide if your stroller travel system and car seat will fit your vehicle.

Check for recalls

If you are buying a brand new stroller travel system or car seat off our or directly from the store, you don’t have to worry. If a product is recalled by the manufacturer, it will immediately be pulled of the store (and our store!). However, if you are re-using a car seat, then it is important to check for recalls.

Re-using an old stroller travel system or car seat?

Usually not a good idea for the car seat. If you really really want to, make sure that the car seat is less than 5 years old, have NEVER been involved in a previous car accident (get an accurate accident history), and check for recalls. Use or buy car seats only from people you trust (such as your own old car seat, a relative or close friend’s car seat). The reason is simply, in case of a very light impact, there can be hidden damages on the car seat, therefore putting your child safety at risk. If you are re-using a car seat, make sure there are no alterations either.

Anything else to look into a car seat or baby travel system?

Yes, a 5-point harness is a must and will increase baby’s safety.

So in short, the best stroller travel system car seats are the one that fits tightly in your vehicle, that fits your budget, that fits your baby, that you can properly installed and which has never been in an accident or impact.

car seat by jessicafm
car seat by jessicafm

Find your best Stroller Travel System here and happy shopping!

Date: Wednesday, 24. June 2009 23:29
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