Stroller Travel System : The importance of car seats safety

Baby car seats, a parent’s priority

If you are looking to purchase a Stroller Travel System, this is the right place! Purchasing a good Stroller Travel System an investment you will not regret, not only regarding its convenience, but also for baby’s safety. When choosing a Stroller Travel System, is is very important to look at the baby car seat first. A good stroller represent at best a convenience, but a baby car seat is necessary for your baby’s safety, because babies are so fragile and are easily injured, even in case of a minor accident.

Years ago, there were no or almost no concerns about car safety issues. It was not a big deal for children not to wear their seat belts, or for mom to carry their baby on her their lap while the car was in motion! And studies about road safety? Almost unheard of!

Things have changed since then, and this is in our best interest. Awareness for car safety issues. is now among every responsible driver and passenger. We’ve developed better ways of protecting ourselves in case of accidents and new ways of protecting our children. Being extremely vulnerable, it is important to get the proper seats for your baby or kid. Safety issues in a car a now regulated. However, with so many changes in our regulations every other year, parents often become confused in what is now considered safe.

Car seats, an obligation!

In many countries, you need to use an adapted car seat for babies, it’s part of the law. Same goes for toddlers and small children. In many countries, they look at the size of the kids in a sitting position (from the bottom to the top of the head) and not their at how old they are. In short, this means that if your eight years old child is of small stature, he could be sitting is the same car seat model as the younger cousin.

Baby car seats

And for the newborn baby (by definition a baby who weighs below 9 kilograms-20 pounds or who measures less than 66 cm-26 in), they also need their proper car seat. The baby car seat has to properly be installed at the back, on the back seat, facing the opposite direction to the traffic. This will give your baby a better protection to the neck and the chest in the event of an sudden braking or impact. Until the child is able to stand (about 12 months), keep this same way of installing baby’s car seat.

Put the baby seat at a 45 degrees angle, so the infant is not completely lying on his back nor completely standing in an upright position. If you can’t incline the baby seat at 45 degrees, simply put a rolled up towel under the seat to fix the angle to 45 degrees.

Remember that at 50 km/h or 30miles/h, the weight of any object in motion is multiplied by 35! This means that in case of an impact, the 9 kilograms/20pounds infant will weight 35 times its weight which is 315kilograms/700pounds! If you infant it not well seated, he could easily get ejected out of the vehicle!

Therefore, when purchasing your stroller travel system, make sure to verify that you it comes with a proper car seat for you baby, as it could save your child’s life in case of an accident.

Our featured Stroller Travel Systems are chosen among the best rated by parents. Because we know that parents are the best judge in terms of safety for their children, we feel that our stroller travel systems will meet your expectations.

Happy shopping on Stroller Travel System!

Date: Wednesday, 24. June 2009 21:07
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