Stroller travel system: stroller safety standards

Safety standards

When buying your Stroller Travel System, choosing a safe stroller is important. Strollers can also be hazardous. Indeed, in the US every year, of all accident involving babies, 8,000 are related to strollers happen every year. Most often, accidents happen when babies fall off their strollers and injure their head.

Alas, other less common accidents involving a stroller or a Stroller Travel System can also happen : crushed fingers where the stroller fold, cuts on sharp edges, collapse of the unbalanced strollers, etc.

This is the reason why it is important to meticulously choose a Stroller Travel System. Do some research before purchasing your Stroller Travel System. Here at Stroller Travel System, our products are carefully selected based on other parents reviews. Because we know that parents are the best judges for what is good for their kids, we feel that our selection will meet all your requisites and standards.

This is some of the most common safety standards you should look for in a stroller and Stroller Travel System:

1) No exposed coil springs, because they can pinch or injure your child

2) A locking device, to avoir accidental collapse

3) A safety belt, i.e. securely attached to either the upholstery or the frame

4) Overall stability of the stroller

5) Safety signs on the Stroller Travel System

Find a Stroller that suits your needs and lifestyle

Purchasing the right Stroller Travel System will make carrying a child around (or many children around!) a lot easier. However, not all strollers from Stroller Travel System are the same. Depending of the type of needs you may have, that nice stroller your neighbor recommended may not be the one you need. Let’s find out why.

First of all, do you need “light”? We mean here, really light. For example, do you take or are you intending to take the bus with your baby, will the stroller go in and out of the car many times a week (or a day!). Then it would be wise to invest in a model of Stroller Travel system that have a light stroller of good quality. Those “umbrella strollers” (named after the the handles of an umbrella handles) are extremely light, being as low as five pounds for the ultra light versions.

However, stroller from the light weight division are usually fairly small and have little storage space. If running the errands with baby or walking on rough roads and old sidewalks is a priority, go for the a standard size or a larger size and sturdier stroller. They have the advantage of holding a decent amount of packages, and do come with more interesting features: tablets to hold baby’s toys and snacks, sunshades, windbreakers and more types of positions.

How about a little bit of both? Yes, it is possible to go middle-ground. You will find the middle-sized models much more easier to pack than big and sturdier strollers, and still have their durability and a few of the interesting features.

picture by Ed Yourdon

picture by Ed Yourdon

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Date: Tuesday, 23. June 2009 23:37
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